Monday, March 14, 2011

Trip To The Lake

This weekend we got to go for a ride in the car. I was thinking we were probably going to the park again...

I was happy when we arrived that we were somewhere different! Boy, I smell something in the big pile of leaves!! What could it be???
Can you guess what my educated nose found?
AHA! A deer antler! What a treat...
If Pauley or any of my foster sisters think I am sharing this nugget of goodness, they are in for a surprise!

Well, it is pretty good but I am sure I will end up sharing...I'm not selfish...

After lots of walking and sniffing, we finally got to the lake. I still can't believe there can be so much water in one place!
My face may not show it here BUT I was having a wonderful time...

On the drive back home from Greenbo Lake, me and Pauley saw some cows! Did you know the milk humans drink comes from cows?
It really was a special day for me and Pauley...I hope we get to go again real soon!


  1. Did you swim at all? Mesa LOVES swimming


  2. I was afraid of the water, but I think I will be brave enough to try next time.

  3. Hi, Middy!
    Thanks for sharing all those pictures of your time there!
    A deer antler?? Wow! I can see you liked it a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. That does look like such a great adventure. That first picture of you looks exactly the back of Miss M's head when she's looking out the window.

  5. Wow, Middy Sue! A deer antler? People pay good money for those! You are one lucky doggie! We are glad you had fun on your outing. We wish we could have been there too... except you would probably bite our ears or something! (Yea.. we heard about you, ya ear biter!)

  6. Middy Sue, I cannot believe you scored that antler! Where I live you can only find those is you buy them in the store!

    And you took your trip on a such a gorgeous day - thanks for sharing your score, your sweet face and that beautiful blue sky!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years