Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hi everyone! My name is Middy Sue and I am the newest foster to the Mr/Mrs/Boy's house. I do not like to think about my past life, so I am just going to fill you in on the details of how I got to be here "in the house" with Mr. Pauley James! On Christmas Eve I was dropped off at the shelter after hours. Oh my it was COLD! I did not have to stay at the shelter very long because the nice people of Saving the Animals of Rowan (STAR) came and got me out! I have never been so happy to see a friendly face! After that, things happened quickly; I went to the vet & had everything checked out & I was spayed. You see, I was not dropped off at the shelter alone, I had my babies with me. Thankfully STAR was able to help them get out too! So anyways, if you see my pictures & think sheweee she is baggy, rest assured everything will snap back into place & I will be eating so much that I will back to a healthy weight in no time. After I left the vet, I went to a nice ladies house & stayed for a few days. Things were great there, I was warm, had plenty to eat & had a playmate! Last night, the nice lady told me that they had found a foster home for me; off into the truck we went. We only traveled for a little bit before we stopped & that is where I met the Mrs. I jumped right into the car with her & quietly laid in the back seat chewing on a treat she gave me. It seemed like no time & we were stopping again. The Mrs. told me that we were home. I went with her inside & imagine my surprise to see 3 other doggies & the Mr.! I could not get to the other doggies though, because they had put a gate up in between us. I tried telling them "I am Middy Sue, I love everyone", but I guess they had to see it for themselves. After what seemed like forever (actually on a few minutes) they could see that everything was going to be just fine. The gate came down & I was able to give EVERYONE kisses! Next thing I know the Mr. is taking the 2 older doggies (Pauley James calls them the grouchy old ladies) on a walk. That gave me time to get to know Pauley James a little better. He took me over to show me a BIG basket of toys & told me they were all for us. We played & played & played! After the Mr. got back, we got to go on a walk too! The Mr. told me what a good girl I was for walking on the leash so well. I had a great time! When we got back we played some more & then I jumped up in the Mrs. lap & went to sleep. When I woke up she told me that I was snoring; I was embarrassed. Well that wraps it up for now, I have some playing to get back to. I would appreciate it if you could spread the word about my blog & my search for a loving forever home!


  1. Hi Middy, it's great to meet you.

    If you'd like to be featured for one of Pet Blogs United's Foster Fridays, send your info and pics to PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Oh Middy Sue, you are a mama? Have your puppies found homes yet? We know they will, and you'll find the perfect home too. For now, you're in a great place, with Pauley James as your big brother! :)

  3. Yes I am a mama & thankfully my babies are in a foster home being well taken care of.

  4. Thanks for the nice comment. I hope you and Pauley get a nice new home.

  5. I Mindy Sue. I'm Mona. Me and Mommy was just over at Pauley's and decided to come over to sxay HI, so Hi.

    I was a foster too and then I found my Mommy and had 4 brothers thst was adopted too.

    KIssa Bull, my neighbors, told Mommy about you guys. You are both do cute.