Monday, January 24, 2011

Wooohoo I am clean!

I finally got my itchy stitches out this weekend. I feel so much better. Then the other doggies told me to watch out that something awful was going to happen. I noticed that the other doggies were acting kind of frantic, but the Mr. and the Boy only called for me. They took me into this little room that I sometimes hang out in. Pauley James is afraid of this room though & would never follow me in there. The next thing I know I am in a big tub with warm water being sprayed on me. It felt wonderful! Oh my, I was filthy! Here are a few pictures of me getting a bath.

The best part was getting dried off!

When I came out, Pauley  James was so happy until he found out it was his turn :)
Maybe I will be able to convince him that being clean is a good thing. Here is a picture of me after I dried.

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  1. you look so refined and distinguished when you're clean, miss middy sue :)